Reflections on Rest


Our planet Earth has many beautiful corners of nature. To visit any of the natural corners is a delight, and if one has visited a similar place, the joy received from fond memories is overwhelming at times while it empowers and energizes. These pieces of nature can be away from home, and can be very close. At times we do not notice these places even though they are amazing.


I love to travel and continuously dream of going to different cities and countries. As for some people, I also have favorite places, places of nature and places of old which are away from home. Of course, there are places in the world that affect the heart with exotic nature, warm azure sea and with mountain ski resorts. No person from any country can be left alone indifferent with such corners. But everyone has his own taste: each chooses what he likes. Some people choose a place where you can swim in the sea, bask in the warm sun and soak up the sun even in the cold winter. Others love the winter and all year round dream of going skiing.

Visiting the favorite corners of nature is not only a delight. They can be a source of inspiration, thus my career is a good way of traveling the world. In Germany I found comfort within the castles of old. By reading the History of these places I traveled in to the times past. I visualized the battles and thought I witnessed them first hand. In Austria, I walked the pathways of the mountains and the towns of Alpbach and the village of Seekirchl. I touched the ruins of Durnstein, and felt that I know what it felt like for King Richard to be held there. In Bulgaria I felt the pain of the Thracians and the Celts in their war against invaders. I saw the Pain of the Bulgars and Slavs in the Ottoman invasion. In Qatar I smelled the prehistoric fragrances of spices and fresh vegetables and fruits during the midday heat at the enclosed bazaars mixed with the tropic smell of the gulf gust.

There is a lot to tell about the wonderful corners and places which are away from home. But I think that the most cherished place to a person is the place where he was born and grew up, where he learned how to smell the flowers and watched as the sun is reflected in droplets of morning dew and a babbling brook, where you like to spend time with friends and family. Each of us is a part of nature.


Clearing in the woods, where a summer spent with his parents, happy days spent in relaxation, admiring the pink afterglow spill. Favorite place in the village, where rescues from the heat with relative’s long gone, were spent drinking the warm goat milk in a shade during cool autumn days. Or maybe it is a river in the country or in the country where you spend your vacation where you first saw the Crane flock in the blue sky.

Today, when my heart is sad, I go in to the hills or mountains. Any smell which takes me back to a place where the glee days were spent, while helping me to cheer up and make me look forward to the time when I can revisit the favorite piece of nature, or earth becomes my favorite place. In the world there are a lot of not only useful, but also beautiful corners.

Beauty – a joy to our lives. Beautiful is always a delight and inspiration. The main thing – is to notice the beauty and not to pass it by. We admire nature, because in nature there is nothing dead. She is beautiful, mysterious, wise, and infinitely diverse. That is the nature of “created” for us to places that we visit, I love places where we rest mentally and physically.


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  1. Irina says:

    I dream of traveling too…

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