Charles Finney, Conditions of Prevailing PrayerIt is important to define the limit of the right to govern. Since the right to govern is based on the necessity for government, it follows that the right cannot go beyond the necessity.

God is the Creator. And God is uniquely qualified to govern the universe He has created. If He were not, He would have no right to govern, no matter how much the universe needed to be governed. On the other hand, no matter how much God is able and qualified to govern, He would have no right to govern the universe unless it needed to be governed. The fact that it needs to be governed is the basis of God’s right to govern it, and His unique qualifications are the conditions of His right to govern it.

This means then that God is not a bully, ruling us just because He has the power to do so. There is a compelling reason for Him to govern and for us to obey. We need God, and we cannot get along without Him and His moral authority!

But, base government on anything else than the necessity of government for the good of all, and rulers will see no limit to their authority. Look at the parade of history. Kings, generals, Caesars, prelates, emperors march through its pages. How many of them ruled for the good of the people? How many followed the principle that their right to rule went no farther than the people’s actual need for their rule?

Look at the sad record. From ancient Nimrod to this evening’s news we see a long line of monarchs, tyrants and demagogues ruling for their own ends on the basis of power and might. Only now and then will you find a ruler who governs truly for the highest good of the people and who limits his power by the actual requirements of the people.

In contrast, let us look at the majestic moral government of God.

Now it is true that God is sovereign. He does not ask anyone for permission to govern His universe. He does not ask anyone’s advice how to run it. But the sovereignty of God, though complete, is not arbitrary. God’s authority (and duty) to govern is based on the necessity for moral government and is conditioned on His unique qualifications to govern.

And God is fulfilling His moral obligation to govern. God’s sovereignty is being directed by His infinite love and wisdom. In all that He does, God is guided by His determined purpose to secure our greatest good and His highest glory by the best, wisest and most just means possible. Truly, “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

Loving submission to the sovereign will of God is the only morally justifiable course of action for reasonable creatures. Sin is the basest form of treason ever introduced into the’ universe, because, remember, all who refuse to obey God are working directly and violently against the good of the universe, against the good of their community, against the good of their family, and against their own personal good.

Continued at “IT ALL ADDS UP TO LOVE… Where Do I Fit In?”

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