Word of Knowledge; Speak in Love

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In various epochs, history has been used by people in different ways, but one thing which has been in common for centuries to come: history has performed and acts as the basis of morality and education, it lays down the features character, motivates and shapes personality.

To a parent, educating does not mean only to feed and nurture, but also to give direction to the heart and mind. Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate parent, and due to this, shouldn’t it be necessary from his parental view to give us His word accessible to each side of character, science, development, and accessibility to all human interests?

Furthermore, in each of us, ideology gives direction in life, that is, in addition to its other, often criticized functions, it also serves as an educational one. The practice of the last decades shows that the complete rejection of ideology implies the exclusion of the scholarly function from the educational process, which entails many negative consequences, to include the habits we carry as baggage upon our salvation into the congregations we begin attending.

Therefore, in our Christian walks, we first should start with ourselves, study the word of God, history of our church and men of God while learning to comprehend it, educating ourselves with the help of written or practiced lessons and only then practicing it in life, while expecting the same from our families and brothers and sister in Christ.

“If a person eats much, he doesn’t become healthier than the one who is satisfied only with what is necessary: in the same way, a scholar is not the one who reads much, but one who reads with use.”

~Aristippus of Cyrene

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams”

Too many a time we have heard this verse as a prophetic word of God revealing it to our church. I am sure that the meaning is not in quantity, but in the way, we received this word personally in our life. What ruins has God called you to restore today? what paths and for who has God called you to stand in the gap? You need to ask this question personally of yourself.

If you receive a word for someone, God wants you to pray over this word before you speak it into someone. Be responsible. If you do not know the person, ask them their name, phone number and let them know that you sensed Gods desire for you to pray over their life. Pray and fast over the word, let God multiply it in your prayers, and then ask God for permission to speak into this person. By the time you pray over this person, and the word god revealed for you will learn to speak this word in love.

The Old Testament prophets also had those who had no fear of God, they were led not by the spirit of God, but by their spirit, and spoke from their own heart (Ezek. 13: 2–3). The Lord said of them: The prophets prophesied falsely in my name: I did not send them, and did not give them instructions, and did not speak to them; They proclaim to all the visions false and divination, both empty and the dreams of their heart (Jer. 14,14). Shall we not acquire the lessons from history?

“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity(love), I am nothing.”


I know that God expects dedication from us in restoring the lives of those around us. He is waiting for us to begin interceding for them and prophesying the words of life. When we begin to look with the eyes of faith at the ruins of human destinies and say that their lives will be restored because we know that Jesus conquered this opportunity for them by going up to the Cross of Calvary.

However, when you become experienced in speaking the words of revelation, never get proud of your ability in prophecy. This is tantamount to being proud of speaking in tongues. In our movement, this may be considered the norm and a minimum. Albeit, we can all prophesy through the Holy Spirit, however, he is the one who allows us to grow in it if we are responsible. Words of prophecy must edify, encourage and comfort those in need on a personal level. Also, when prophesying in general, it must build the whole church.

I think that when you pray for your family, church, city, and nation, it will definitely bring fruit. The main thing is to press in and to expect God’s movement. Prophesy into the life of a husband that he is the head in everything – because God wants to see a man like this, and your prayer will receive an answer. Prophesy into the life of your wife, that she is a godly woman. Prophesy into your children, that they become the new generation of Apostles. Prophesy into your church, that the congregation becomes part of the Bride of Christ. Do not even hesitate – begin to experience God in this now, and in a year, you will surely have a testimony of God’s Glory in your community, congregation, and family.

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