Men as a Father; Father as a Man

wp-1582087403861.jpgToday one can hear much about purpose, goal orientation, having direction and foundations of success. But the real aspiration and a true blessing for any person in life is to reflect within oneself, in ones life, are you an imitator of Christ and an imitator of God, as a beloved child who imitates his Daddy?

Although if one is in Christ. God should be reflected in us, as he was reflected in Jesus. People should recognize Jesus in our lives, as he should have made his abode in us.  God has given me at least two similarities that I have in relation to Him. In so many things, I don’t look like Him, but in this I’m similar, and even that is far from complete. Do not be offended, dear women, but God appears in the Bible as a man, and God appears in the Bible as a father. And I too am a man, and I too am a father, and God gave me these qualities so that through them, as far as I can, I will show what kind of Father God is.

Unfortunately, the enemy has lunged and an attack against God on earth by attempting to destroy manhood in multiple ways, that even the church has few men or knows how to display true fatherhood. Most of what we know is by learning what the mainstream wants us to know. The enemy has never cared for men who are perishing; in drugs, alcoholism, prison, etc… His main goal is to distort the image of God as a Father by distorting the image of a man. And these two similarities that the Lord gave the stronger half of humanity – to be men and be fathers. Howbeit, being a man and a father are not the qualities one is born with. If a person has a wife and has children, this does not mean that he is a husband and father, the primitive instinct to breed is found in animal behavior as well. On the contrary, God is the Father, and he created man in his image. By outlining the goal of us fathers and men, may the exaltation go God, while removing the burden of a man from women.

Conversely, please read the 45th Chapter of Genesis before we continue, a fragment of the Joseph story a story on a son and a father. A man who had every chance of becoming a male, like all males, but who became a man and a father to many men. As we read the chapter, what stands out the most to you? What do you think stands out to me? I see a man who leaned on god all these years… a man who knew true trust in God. I see a man who was a veteran of a devoted friendship with God and experienced true help from him. I see the second strongest man in hierarchy unable to command his emotions, a man who could not contain himself and lost his “professional bearing”, but for what?

Well, there are words in the chapter which are more repeated then one initially sees, the words “Father” and “Brother”. Joseph loses his bearing, as he was deprived of a family; he spent all his life absent from a father and without his brothers. Joseph walked with God, he trusted God in areas most of us cannot fathom to understand. He lived in a pagan land, and where most of a modern Christian would compromise, Joseph stayed loyal to the One True God. In the land of pagans, he was respected by pagans and he never compromised. Yet, as one can see, it’s not enough for a person to be with God, additionally, it is important to have a father, as well as brothers. Fortunately for Joseph, he learned how to be a Father from The Father.


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