Purpose of RusAlan



I know I was meant to be a participant and not just a spectator; I ask “Why not?…” not “Why?”; know I was meant to walk among the Giants of the Faith.

I am saying yes to God, to do what the Scripture tells us, “Give diligence.” Take care that my faith as well as yours is of the right kind-that it is not a mere belief of doctrine, but a simple faith, depending on Christ, and on Christ alone. I want to help others to be diligent heed to your courage. Plead with God that He would give you the face of a lion, that you may, with a consciousness of right, go on boldly. Study well the Scriptures, and get knowledge; for a knowledge of doctrine will tend very much to confirm faith. Try to understand God’s Word; let it dwell in your heart richly.

When we have done this, “Add to our knowledge temperance.” Take heed to your body: be temperate without. Take heed to your soul: be temperate within. Get temperance of lip, life, heart, and thought. Add to this, by God’s Holy Spirit, patience; ask Him to give you that patience which endures affliction, which, when it is tried, shall come forth as gold. Array yourself with patience, that you may not murmur nor be depressed in your afflictions. When that grace is won look to godliness. Godliness is something more than religion. Make God’s glory your object in life; live in His sight; dwell close to Him; seek for fellowship with Him; and thou hast “godliness”; and to that add brotherly love. Have a love to all the saints: and add to that a charity, which opens its arms to all men, and loves their souls. When you are adorned with these jewels, and just in proportion as you practice these heavenly virtues, will you come to know by clearest evidence “your calling and election.” “Give diligence,” if you would get assurance, for Luke-warmness and doubting very naturally go hand in hand.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! With the Lord of all sovereignty behind us, we can be confident that He will ever enable us to accomplish His will.

My Prayer for you and me; Help us, Lord, to grow in faith! I thank You for granting us Your power to trust ever more deeply in You!

11 Responses to Purpose of RusAlan

  1. Thank you for visiting our Sunday school blog! We pray that you will return often as we Rebuild the Temple of the Living God. ~Ta`Mara

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  2. dbp49 says:

    I definitely like your approach to things, and I think the Holy Spirit works strongly within you. This is not flattery, but observation. I like especially that I feel encouraged when I read your words, and since I have been walking with the Lord a long time, I am pretty certain this is a good encouragement I feel. Keep up the good work, God bless, and I’ll read you later.

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  3. ServingJesusHere says:

    Sure spoke to my heart. Working towards Godliness-one Yes at a time, ONLY with the Strength of the Lord. Not an easy road but we have a Powerful Source.

    Peace be unto you

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  4. Yoshiko says:

    Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to like our ministry guest blog. May our poetry bless your hearts and minds 🙂

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  5. Rus, thank you so very much for visiting Mom and I – we pray that you were encouraged in your day and left our place uplifted! It’s a blessing to have a new visitor and we certainly hope you visit again. Keep up the good work and thanks again!!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus,
    Rebecca and Ma Chris


  6. wingedprisms says:

    What a blessing you are! Thank you for visiting my blog…
    cate b 😀


  7. Purposeful purpose 🙂 nice …


  8. Thank you for visiting Rus, I like your focus here and thank you for seeking to encourage The Body of Christ, each one of us are called to do this and to help carry each others burdens and if needed to cry together but to rejoice too in who we are in Christ Jesus.

    As a woman Rus I don’t seek to Teach in Authority over men by being Ordained, nor do I want people to follow me as having all the answers, my role is to share God’s Truth with the confirmation of Scripture as He empowers me to do so with the Hope that others will Seek, Ask and Knock opening their hearts to Jesus our only Teacher and having asked for Godly wisdom and the empowering of The Spirit and receiving them, He leads us into all understanding of His Truth which brings Light into the darkness.

    Thanks again Rus, Christian Love -Anne


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