Succinct Cogitative Homily

May the Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and may God Himself be gracious unto you. May you be covered by the blood of the Lamb; strengthened, fortified, encouraged, healed and liberated because Christ and the atoning work of the cross has been released into your body by the speech of your mouth and by the power of the Holy Communion. In Jesus’ name, we are free and celebrate it. Hallelujah.

Eric Ludy – The Gospel
Ellerslie Mission Society Films

This Is War – Paul Washer

Jesus is Loving Barabbas

Todd White – How to read your Bible

A.W. Tozer ~ “In Everything By Prayer…”

Eric Ludy – He is (The Names of God)

Eric Ludy – Intercession

The Spirit is Willing – Eric Ludy

Seek My Face – Richard Owen Roberts

Run – Carter Conlon

It Will Cost You Everything

Paul Washer ~ The Great Commission: We are all called to equal passion

Paul Washer – Die To Self Sermon

Jesus Died! – Paul Washer

Do You Desire God? – Paul Washer

Download MP3:…
Full Sermon HERE:

The Lost Doctrine – Paul Washer

Todd White – Dirty Grace & Identity By Gifting


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