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Getting a New Image of God

Most people have a wrong image of God. At least, most of the people I have met. Usually, people have an image of God in their mind that was put there by mixing a lot of experiences together all the … Continue reading

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Birth Defect Healed

Three years ago Jamie gave birth to her second child, Audrey. The doctors were having a hard time keeping Audrey pink, so they took her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They determined that part of the baby’s heart was … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer – Healed

Some people profess to believe in God, but they don’t know Him, His nature, His love or His power. This was true of Connie for a long time. It was through her church experience that God was misrepresented as angry … Continue reading

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A Lecture on Divine Healing

By John G. Lake Divine healing, what is it? It is healing by the spirit of God, exercised through the spirit of man. Jesus, the Master Healer, not only healed Himself, but empowered His 12 disciples to perform the same … Continue reading

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